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Our History

Wellbeing Lifestyles is a division of International Learning Center, Inc.
We are a small, innovative company dedicated to providing information, events, services and products that enhance wellbeing lifestyles for individuals and organizations. Our offices are located in the historic gold country of the Sierra Nevada foothills near Grass Valley, California, mid-way between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe.

Our parent company, International Learning Center, Inc. (ILC), was established in 1983, originally in the San Francisco Bay Area. Founder and company president Troy Rampy called ILC "a company with a name to grow into." Today ILC remains small in size and culture, but it has accomplished big things and has indeed achieved international standing. We are proud to present the following selected highlights of our parent company's history:

1985 - Produced the prototype for a health care manual designed for field nurses in Botswana.

1986 - Produced Birthing: Making the Right Choices, a critically acclaimed multi-audiocassette program providing well-researched, unbiased information for expectant parents.

1987 - Produced the audiocassette program All About SIDS, at the request of and in conjunction with the National Center for the Prevention of SIDS.

1988 - Published the popular Parents' Resource Catalog that was distributed nationally for three years. (USA Today featured the Parents' Resource Catalog in its "Tip for Today" section)

1990 to 1993 - Collaborated with overseas partner in Tokyo to develop a number of audiocassette wellness programs for distribution in Japan.

1992 - Moved offices from the fast track of the Bay Area to the small community of Grass Valley, CA.

1994 - Began producing a number of live seminars, workshops and year-long training programs throughout northern and southern California led by top-selling authors and presenters. Also produced wilderness and international travel programs.

1998 - Launched The Wellbeing Program™, 12-part weekly live workshop, in Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area.

2000 - Partnered with regional CBS-affiliate radio stations to produce the first Sacramento Wellbeing Festival™ at the Sacramento Convention Center. The Festival featured well-known authors, presenters, and entertainers and was supported by 32 corporate and non-profit sponsors.

2001 - Produced the e-learning program Stress Reduction & Personal Renewal™ in partnership with Performance Learning Systems, Inc., a 30-year national leader providing continued education for teachers. Also developed the one-day Stress Savvy Workshop™.

2002 - Developed our Wellbeing Getaways™ to provide a rejuvinating alternative to traditional vacations or retreats. Developed our Personal Wellbeing Profile™ as both a worksite diagnostic tool and learning vehicle. Expanded our Multimedia Training Services to include several diverse delivery capabilities.

Wellbeing Lifestyles was established in 2001 as a separate division of ILC. It grew out of president Troy Rampy's commitment to provide wellbeing lifestyle programs to as broad and diverse an audience as possible. The purpose of Wellbeing Lifestyles is to administer and coordinate ILC's lifestyle-related activities, including the operation of our website

Our commitment at Wellbeing Lifestyles is to continue in the same service-oriented tradition as our parent company, and to enjoy ourselves in the process. We invite you, now and in the years to come, to use us as an integral resource for living your own wellbeing lifestyle.



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