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Our parent company, International Learning Center, Inc., began as a multimedia training company in 1983. We continue that successful lineage. We customize our training and patient education programs to fit your specific needs by first identifying your objectives. Then we design and produce your multimedia training program on time and within budget.

The content and curriculum for each program we develop is solidly researched by professional educators and formatted for optimal comprehension and retention. We utilize well-researched and proven brain-based educational techniques that ensure training is retained. Your employees, patients or members participate fully, gaining experiences and insights they can apply immediately to improve their health and health choices. Our programs are engaging, motivating, a lot of fun—and they work.

Our delivery capabilities include:

  • E-learning programs (Internet and Intranet)
  • CD-Rom
  • DVD
  • Video
  • Audio cassettes
  • Audio Tutorial
  • Personal Coaching
  • Live Seminars and Workshops
  • Blended Learning (a combination of online and on-site learning experiences)

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