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Stress Reduction & Personal Renewal™

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This online learning program combines over 70 years of stress research with state-of-the-art instructional technology. It provides interactive learning modules that actually reduce stress.

Since true lifestyle changes occur over time, users have access to Stress Reduction & Personal Renewal™ for a full year. They can revisit the program as needed to learn and adapt each strategy to their own stressors and lifestyle.

This program:

  • Offers 7 strategies to reduce stress and improve health.
  • Uses a self-paced interactive format.
  • Provides customized action plans designed to reduce stress in 10 major lifestyle areas.
  • Offers 7/24 access for use at work and/or at home.
  • Uses 19 proprietary learning filters to optimize each user’s learning style and retention capabilities.
  • Provides a customizable Stressor Checklist with 100 of today’s most common stressors.
  • Incorporates information to help users make choices about a healthier lifestyle in areas of nutrition, exercise, sleep improvement, anxiety, depression, etc.
  • Includes an administrator panel that monitors each user’s progress while maintaining user confidentiality.



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